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Fire Station The Commissioner Jamaica Fire Brigade Dear Sir APPLICATION FOR RE-ENLISTMENT In keeping with Section 13 1 of the Jamaica Fire Brigade No. 2 Regulations 1993 I hereby apply to be considered for re-enlistment in the Jamaica Fire Brigade for a further term of service starting on the. Yours sincerely Signature Print JFB/ NUMBER/RANK/NAME Date WATCH COMMANDER S /SUPERVISOR S COMMENTS DIVISIONAL/DEPARTMENTAL HEAD S COMMENTS AREA OFFICER S COMMENTS BRIGADE HEADQUARTERS USE ONLY SystAd C...
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Children when the going gets tough well the tough just get going you could say the men and women of the Jamaica fire brigade are often in deep waters and face fire situations daily however as heroes go they find courage in their fears the Jamaica fire brigade is a statutory body within the office of the prime minister in the local government department its central administration is headed by a Board of Directors which sets broad policy guidelines implemented by a commissioner in whom is vested the operational command and the day-to-day running of the brigade we not only respond to fires and other emergencies but there are myriad of other things that we do we get involved in community work as well we make sure that we go from a fire prevention perspective and educate persons as to how to prevent fires so for example we go into schools we're going to workplaces we go into communities and we create community resilience program along with other agencies like the OD PM so in essence we are making sure that we prevent fires rather than fight and there's more the brigade is also charged with obtaining information with regards to potential risks from fire or other disasters inspecting buildings to ensure that reasonable steps are taken for the prevention of fire and a for protection against the dangers of fire or other disasters and making arrangements to ensure that reasonable steps are taken to prevent or mitigate loss or injury arising from a fire or other disasters the brigade is broadly divided into two sections operations and administration each headed by a Deputy Commissioner the Deputy Commissioner in charge of operations sees that the day-to-day operations of the fire brigade which involves the persons who go on the fire trucks the emergency medical technicians these are the persons that we call paramedics that goes on the ambulance you know they deal with every medical emergency that you can think about he also is in charge of the fire prevention unit also he has overall responsibility for the four areas which focus on firefighting and rescue operations island-wide headed by assistant commissioners these areas are drawn up along Geographic lines and are further subdivided into 13 divisions which conform to parish boundaries there are over 30 fire stations spread island-wide throughout the divisions these are served by a fleet of approximately 90 firefighting and rescue vehicles and 58 utility vehicles Deputy Commissioner know who is in charge of administration this is the era where the welfare of the fire brigade is actually taking care of the budgetary allocations he makes sure as well that firefighters are actually paid the money is there to deal with these fire shops that we know are pretty expensive because this one in particular was actually custom built for the Jamaica fire brigade and I can tell you that these are some of the most expensive vehicles that you will actually find on the road because these are specialized units for special...